Basic Information
Level 76
Exp 340000

L78. Miserable Merchant 1

Champion, my name is Posiney. I'm a very famous merchant in Auris. I need you to help me with a serious problem.

Some villains hijacked my cargo earlier today, and now I have to gather the products all over again. Can you give me a hand?

Please go to Silence Cliff and hunt the Coastal Flying Stingrays and the Tusky Flying Stingrays for their Coastal Fins and Sharp Tusks. My clients are really into fish parts.
The stingray fin is pretty tasty, especially from fish from the northern waters.

Stingray Tusks are often used as decorations. Surfer guys string them on necklaces and wear them around their necks. They think it looks cool, and who am I to tell them differently, especially when they're paying me? But if you want my opinion, it looks pretty foolish.

I really am a terrific merchant, and this little setback can't stop my success.
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