Talent Combinations Berserker

Name Ability Talents:
Light Tank Additional Effect:
Evade +10%, Magic Defense +5%

"Raise your sword to defend against enemy attacks!"

Heavy Tank Additional Effect:
Physical Damage Taken -3%, Defense +7%

"My skin is tough as steel and hard as rock."

General Additional Effect:
Hit Rate +4%, Melee Attack +5%

"I must do my part to conquer the enemy."

Blacksmith Additional Effect:
Critical Rate +3%, Defense +7%

"Your head is the best weapon you've got. Don't forget to use it."

Wind Warrior Additional Ability:
Movement Speed +8%, Evade +10%

"I will rock you like a hurricane."

Law Enforcement Captain Additional Ability:
MP Cost -15, Magic Defense +8%

"I fight on the side of justice. Evil stands no chance."

Wind Samurai Additional Ability:
Attack Speed +10%, Hit Rate +15%

"The wind can be as gentle as a cat's paw or as deadly as a thousand blades."

Massacre Trooper Additional Ability:
Critical Damage +15%, Attack +4%

"I shall fly your intestines as my banner of victory."

Battlefield Breaker Additional Ability:
Defense +8%, Magic Defense +8%

"There is no attack I can't withstand."

Combat Mercenary Additional Ability:
Evade +8%, Attack Speed +10%

"Good plans are full of rhythms. Done right, a battle is a masterfully played orchestra."

Light Axe Warrior Additional Ability:
Critical Rate +2%, Hit Rate +5%

"The axe is the most romantic of weapons. It causes heartfelt separations and always makes an impact!"

Great Hammer Warrior Additional Ability:
Magic Defense +20%

"Stop, or I'll break you down!"

Greatsword Warrior Additional Ability:
Hit Rate +12%, Evade +5%

"My blade shall teach you the meaning of truth."

War Axe Warrior Additional Ability:
Critical Hit Damage +30%

"Axe marks the spot!"

Disciple Additional Ability:
Magic Attack+10%, Cast Speed -15%

"The path of the mage is a complex one, full of eldritch knowledge and tainted secrets."