Talent Combinations Engineer

Name Ability Talents:
Self-Propelled Gun Additional Effect:
Attack Speed +20%

"No one survives my bombardment!"

Mecha Warrior Additional Effect:
Movement Speed +8%, Melee Attack +4%

"The powerful kinetic energy is driving my body!"

Regulator Additional Effect:
Evade +8%, Attack Speed +5%

"My abilities are out of this world!"

Defender Additional Effect:
Hit +10%, Critical damage +10%

"It's my duty to ensure world peace!"

Galeguard Additional Effect:
Ranged Attack +3%, Critical Rate +5%

"Not even the wind can stand before me!"

Frenzied Armor Additional Effect:
Hit +5%, Critical Rate +5%

"Nothing can withstand the wrath of my blade!"

Brawler Additional Effect:
Physical Defense +8%, Magic Defense +8%

"Impenetrable armor makes me near invincible!"

Supersoldier Additional Effect:
Movement Speed +8%, Critical Rate +3%

"Not even a giant can take me down!"

Thaumaturgy Additional Effect:
Critical Rate +3%, MP consumption -15

"Almost nothing can take me down!"

Ultimate Machinist Additional Effect:
Physical PEN +3%, Attack Speed +12%

"My core is going into overdrive!"

Bastion Additional Effect:
Max HP +20%, Max MP +10%

"Initiate the ultimate defensive system!"

Kinetic Additional Effect:
Every activation of skill "Multi-Core Combat Processor" increases
the cooldown time on skills by 1 second

"No one can survive from my furious combo!"