Talent Combinations Cleric

Name Ability Talents:
Holy Martial Monk Additional Ability:
Attack +5%, Magic Defense +5%

"I am a lantern in the darkness. No evil shall escape my light!"

Defender of Light Additional Ability:
Hit Rate +6%, Defense+8%

"My true armor is my faith, and a powerful garb it is."

Disciple of Light Additional Ability:
Cast Speed -15%, Magic Attack +6%

"I have friends in the highest places."

Defender of Law Additional Ability:
Defense +12%, Shield Block Rate +15%

"With my shield, I guard the lawful. With my hammer, I enforce the law."

High Healer Additional Ability:
Treatment by Mending Touch +30%
Magic Critical Rate -15%

"If I can't save you, go to your gods in peace."

Bishop Additional Ability:
Healing from "Healing Barrier" and "Great Healing Barrier" +20%
Cast Speed -20%.

"The grace of the divine falls like rain on the driest of plains."

Holy Judge Additional Ability:
Physical Attack +4%, Defense +6%

"In the eyes of God, you are all guilty."

Magic Defender Additional Ability:
Defense and Magic Defense +8%

"I'm better at blocking than you are at attacking."

Preacher Additional Ability:
Magic Attack +10%

"Using magic is just one of the ways I say hello."

Scholar of the Word Additional Ability:
Hit Rate +10%, Magic Attack +5%

"I'm fully aware of the holy word's stance on this issue. You shall die anyway.."

Trainer of Willpower Additional Ability:
Max MP +5%, Defense+10%

"My life has only one purpose: to end those of others."

Mana Messenger Additional Ability:
Evade +10%, Magic Defense +7%

"I meditate to regain my essence."

Energy Saver Additional Ability:
MP Cost -10, Max MP +3%

"I feed off your energy and pain, laughing as I rain down destruction upon you.

Spiritual Scholar Additional Ability:
Max HP +5%, Magic Defense +10%

"Mind over matter. If you don't mind the pain, it doesn't matter."