Basic Information
Stack-Size 250


Content In:
NPC Zone
<Soul Mutation>Calamity Giant Zone not Found
<Soul Mutation>Giant Glutton Zone not Found
<Soul Mutation>Cruel Incubus Zone not Found
<Soul Mutation>Pain Harbinger Zone not Found
<Soul Mutation>Pure Hatred Zone not Found
<Soul Mutation>Source of Monstrosity Zone not Found
Relic Robber Land of Sighs (X:582 , Y:379 )
Bath Stone Guard Scorching Wind Desert (X:402 , Y:432 )
Condor Defender Scorching Wind Desert (X:161 , Y:240 )
Condor Mercenary Scorching Wind Desert (X:59 , Y:87 )
Wetland Jelly Rabbit Misty Wetlands (X:635 , Y:88 )
Green Crocodile Misty Wetlands (X:142 , Y:645 )
Eifell Guardian Misty Wetlands (X:606 , Y:468 )
Spirit of Columbus Misty Wetlands (X:472 , Y:1011 )
Irontooth Warrior Misty Wetlands (X:210 , Y:902 )
Irontooth Captain Misty Wetlands (X:206 , Y:1012 )
Great Mountain Bear Lost Highlands (X:759 , Y:674 )
Hard-Hoofed Yak Lost Highlands (X:210 , Y:135 )
Rising Wind Spirit Lost Highlands (X:147 , Y:570 )
Ancient Treant Gaia Woodlands (X:643 , Y:158 )
Great Woodland Bear Gaia Woodlands (X:561 , Y:597 )
Young Chronos Dragon Gaia Woodlands (X:1040 , Y:244 )
Dark Corrosion Worm Gaia Woodlands (X:752 , Y:936 )
Stone Sword Servant Gaia Woodlands (X:956 , Y:1069 )
Fierce Skeletal Wolf Blakatoa Range (X:1122 , Y:529 )
Alechi Blazing Spirit Blakatoa Range (X:907 , Y:850 )
Alechi Swift Dragon Blakatoa Range (X:1135 , Y:964 )
Fire God Crusader Blakatoa Range (X:738 , Y:360 )
Blackrock Spider Blakatoa Range (X:618 , Y:165 )
Scorching Black Dragon Blakatoa Range (X:227 , Y:85 )
Black Flame Wizard Blakatoa Range (X:819 , Y:317 )
Black Flame Death Armor Blakatoa Range (X:814 , Y:364 )
Condor Appraiser Scorching Wind Desert (X:171 , Y:86 )
Petit Wind Spirit Zone not Found
Insidious Insect Zone not Found
Dragon Zombie Zone not Found
<Everlasting Servant> Ramos Gaia Woodlands (X:437 , Y:744 )
Laughing Crab Old Siwa Island (X:353 , Y:380 )
Ruined City Sorcerer Roaring Maw (X:379 , Y:168 )
Ruined City Archmage Roaring Maw (X:386 , Y:294 )
Crypt Scorpion Holy King's Tomb (X:547 , Y:86 )
Ancient Tomb Thief Gunner Holy King's Tomb (X:326 , Y:319 )
Anti-Visitor Golem Holy King's Tomb (X:175 , Y:379 )
<Misty Jelly Rabbit King> Pipeppo Misty Wetlands (X:518 , Y:156 )
<Goddess Lake Bear Boss> Primal Brown Bear Gaia Woodlands (X:663 , Y:565 )
<Blakatoa Wolf Chief> Pale Death Bone Wolf Blakatoa Range (X:1145 , Y:517 )
<Volcano Spider Boss> Blackrock Tarantula Lord Blakatoa Range (X:630 , Y:51 )
Lizard Eggs Prism Island Prairie (X:357 , Y:207 )
Double-Chomper Lizard Prism Island Prairie (X:906 , Y:338 )
Crystal Spider Prism Island Prairie (X:1340 , Y:404 )
Bloodthirsty Dragon Whelp Prism Island Prairie (X:1037 , Y:226 )
<Cutest Villain> Kamuijo Twin Lion Mountain (X:382 , Y:444 )
Thick-Skinned Jelly Rabbit Prism Island Prairie (X:1481 , Y:439 )
Night Pirate Crew Prism Island Prairie (X:1509 , Y:650 )
Fabulous Fungus Jelly Rabbit Prism Island Prairie (X:1643 , Y:158 )
Sharptooth Tortoise Twin Lion Mountain (X:412 , Y:713 )
Masked Goblin Shaman Twin Lion Mountain (X:282 , Y:464 )
Iron Jaw Ant Twin Lion Mountain (X:699 , Y:610 )
Fierce Two-Headed Lizard Twin Lion Mountain (X:1028 , Y:336 )
Sharkman Prophet Twin Lion Mountain (X:1201 , Y:158 )
<Beast-Turtle Boss> Great Thorn Tortoise Twin Lion Mountain (X:435 , Y:688 )
Lost Blind Wasquito Warped Echo Cave (X:236 , Y:38 )
Lost Blind Wasquito Warped Echo Cave (X:382 , Y:150 )
Malevolent Beast Warped Echo Cave (X:118 , Y:193 )
<King Dragon Zombie> Jasang Land of Sighs (X:752 , Y:618 )
<Great Lake Overlord> Graegos Misty Wetlands (X:167 , Y:609 )
<Noah's Gatekeeper> MM-98T Zone not Found
<Wing of Nature> Gatraeus Gaia Woodlands (X:925 , Y:77 )
<Great Desert Condor> Kavala Scorching Wind Desert (X:232 , Y:301 )
<Tower Caretaker> Vulcan Blazer Lost Highlands (X:319 , Y:947 )
<Flaming Lord> Parados Zone not Found
Ancient Grandbaron Old Siwa Island (X:352 , Y:281 )
<Dark Crystal Lion> Cyrus Lion's Sealed Room (X:63 , Y:60 )
<Earth-Rasping Dark Worm> Shiva Echo Cave (X:227 , Y:42 )
<Holy King's Beast> Jafashazar Land of the Holy King's Beast (X:118 , Y:144 )
Dread Pirate Captain Prism Island Prairie (X:1725 , Y:658 )
<Incarnation of Evil> Vassago Zone not Found
<Trial King> Mutated Basse Endless Trial Dungeon (X:126 , Y:80 )
<Trial King> Evil Baha Endless Trial Dungeon (X:155 , Y:152 )