Basic Information
Level 53
Exp 159468

L55. Now I Can Die Happy

The villagers heard Berd's screams and came to his rescue. They managed to save Irene, who, it turned out, had merely passed out from shock.

Berd, however, had lost a lot of blood. Though it looked uncertain for a while, Berd managed to recover.

After this incident, Berd and Irene got married. Berd's beard finally turned grey, a sign that his immortality was at an end. The two spent decades together and were eventually buried side by side near the beach. Their grave, surrounded by everblooming flowers, is a testament to their love.

- Please read this book to complete the mission

Later, rumor had it that Berd's immortality was preserved in the pond due to the blood he shed there, and the pond became known as the Fountain of Youth.

It's said that if one drinks of the pond, one will become immortal. However, time has obscured the location of the pond. No one knows exactly where in the Misty Wetlands it is.

Berd's story has been passed down from generation to generation as an example of undying love.
Beast Destroyer Resonance Stone
Plant Destroyer Resonance Stone
Acquired Title
Pompatus of Love
Quill Publishing (250 Puntos)
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