Basic Information
Level 60
Exp 168000

L61. Humble Birth

Stop crying, or Ardenis will take you away!

Parents love using the name of Ardenis, the King of Pirates, to scare naughty children. That's why practically everyone has heard of Ardenis' deeds.

He was once an eyesore of greedy merchants and the nightmare of the rich. For ordinary people, he was a brave pirate and a savior of the poor, but few knew the truth about his eventful past.

More than a decade after the king of the pirates disappeared from the sea, his followers, the Black Bone Pirates, have gradually become corrupted and lost their past glory.

I have tried to collect folklores about Ardenis from different places to come up with a sketch of his past.

*Once quest is complete, read this book to report back
There are several stories of his origin. The most popular one is that he was abandoned as a baby at the door of the Four-Sea Chamber of Blue Whale Port. One of the chamber merchants, Olsen, adopted him.

When he was young, he said he could see Sprites, and for that, he was bullied and deemed strange.

Young Ardenis did have a few friends, namely Dingy Larry, who believed his tales. They often went to the forest in the western Prism Island and fought mires.
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