Basic Information
Level 82
Exp 410000

L85. What is This?

Demon Hunter Fabioso
Are you going to go see Jada right now?

That's too bad. We should chat some more when we have time. It's not often you get to meet someone from back home in another world!

Jada lives at Emperor Lakeside to the northwest. It's a lovely town!

Jada has this thing for Norton in the Misty Plateaus... Well... you know. Fabioso gives a knowing chuckle.

Oh, before you go could you do something about the Hurricane Iron Guard - Kai and the Goldsand Lizards around here? They've been a real nuisance lately.
Scroll Scholar Jada
Oh! Take care of yourself though!

My family has worked for generations as scribes for the Sprite King. Every book here is a priceless treasure.

You're a traveler from distant lands aren't you? Have you met Norton the Mercenary in Misty Plateau? Jada looks a little hesitant.How's he doing?

No no no! There's nothing between us! Don't get the wrong idea!

(You remember the thing between the two of them that Fabioso told you about...)
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