Basic Information
Level 78
Exp 360000

L80. Operation Proposal 2

Young BoyKanut
I didn't really tell you the full story, Kanut said, avoiding eye contact with you.

Traditionally, if he intends to propose, a man must make a flower wreath using the Tear Wheatgrasson the head of the Swamp Watch and the Mystic Petal of the Swamp Magic Flower to the south of the tribe.

I have to ask you to collect the items for me. It's a pain in the butt, but you have to admit, at least it's more affordable than a diamong ring.
Young BoyKanut
The Tear Wheatgrass represents tenacity and endurance, while the Mystic Petal symbolizes everlasting love. A wreath made of these two proves your unwavering adoration.

Basimine is prettier than a yak on Christmas Day, which, if you've ever seen a yak on Christmas Day, is extremely pretty indeed. They braid the yak's hair with ribbons and sometimes even paint its nails. Maybe you shouldn't mention that comparison to Basimine, though. Girls don't seem to love being compared to farm animals.
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