Basic Information
Level 74
Exp 320000

L76. Sumptuous Dinner 3

The previous two dishes gave me the confidence to do a main course that will blow your socks off, assuming you're wearing socks. If you're not, watch out, it might just blow the skin on your feet clear off! No, just kidding, that'd be gross.

The best meat in the Ancient Polar Ruins comes from Malcos the Great Stingray in the southeast of the Feraby Camp. It's flaky and tender yet not overly fishy.

If you want to try the best dish of your life, bring me back Stingray Fillet.
Such a premium food ingredient would be wasted on lesser chefs.

Cooking this kind of cuisine isn't just about the seasoning. One should never cover up such a fine meat with herbs and spices; the meat should be showcased. It's all about proper cutting. If you do not cut your proteins correctly, you'll waste food and wind up with an unpleasant texture.
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