Basic Information
Level 75
Exp 330000

L77. Dragon Scheme 4

Brave adventurer, the ancient records say that we need to add two more materials to ensure our Dark Evil Thoughts will be the perfect bait.

One is the Unavenged Chivalry of the Icy Soul Knights. The other is the Bitter Vanity of the Haunted Spirits. They are on the far shore mountain Road.

The Dark Evil Thoughts will be more effective if we can add these two materials.
Unavenged Chivalry is the collective souls of murdered knights of the Polar Kingdom that have been twisted by evil. Bitter Vanity is the deceased nobles of the Polar Kingdom that hate Ero.

It takes a long time to make Dark Evil Thoughts, but there's no time to rest. Keep moving. As soon as you slow down, well, that's when the dragon snaps your head clean off, and you're fairly useless to me without a head.
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